CRDA Enacts New Zoning Regulations for Atlantic City Tourism District

On November 21, 2017, the Board for the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority ("CRDA") adopted new land use regulations for the Atlantic City Tourism District that complement the newly adopted Master Plan for the District.  The new regulations have been submitted to the New Jersey Office of Administrative Law for publication in the New Jersey Register. 

Under the 2011 Atlantic City Tourism District Act, the CRDA is responsible for adopting and enforcing land use regulations as well as reviewing/approving development applications for the Tourism District, which is the area that comprises the major tourism destinations within Atlantic City, including the Boardwalk, Pacific Avenue Gardner's Basin, the Marina District, the Walk, Bader Field, and most of the Atlantic Avenue commercial corridor.

Highlights of the new Tourism District land use regulations include:

  • Creates 15 new zoning districts within the Tourism District
  • Establishes an administrative review process for variance-free minor site plan and minor subdivision applications so that no public hearing is required for such applications
  • CRDA has to provide consent to a request of Atlantic City to either designate an area within the Tourism District in need of redevelopment or adopt a redevelopment plan for any area within the Tourism District
  • Codifies the existing CRDA land use hearing process before a single "land use hearing officer" and clarifies that the CRDA's decision on any development application is a final agency decision appealable directly to the Appellate Division of New Jersey Superior Court
  • Creates an adminsitrative appeal process for denied Certificate of Land Use Compliance (CLUC) applications and other applications eligible for administrative review (i.e. without the necessity of a public hearing)
  • Establishes a maximum building height of 300 feet for zoning districts that permit hotels and/or casino-hotels
  • Permits combined "gas station and convenience centers" such as Wawa within multiple commercial zoning districts

The full text of the adopted Tourism District land use regulations can be viewed at the PDF link above.

If you are proposing a development project within the Atlantic City Tourism District, the attorneys at NPD can represent you and guide you through the unique application process at the CRDA.  Contact us today at (609) 927-1177.