NPD Partner Eric Goldstein Obtains Major Victory for Local Board of Education

In a recent reported decision from the State of New Jersey Department of Education [Docket No.: C28-15], NPD partner Eric Goldstein has obtained an important dismissal of numerous claims of ethics violations that were filed by a member of the public against the president of the Hamilton Township Board of Education.

Unreported Appellate Decision Affirms Annual Municipal Inspections of Rental Units

A recent unreported Appellate Court decision, State of New Jersey v. Mill Village Apartments, may limit the previously published appellate decision of Timber Glen Phase III, LLC et al. v. Township of Hamilton. By way of background, in the reported case of Timber Glen, an Appellate Division panel considered the scope of municipal authority granted by N.J.S.A. 40:52-1 (the Licensing Act). Pursuant to the Licensing Act, the Court concluded that municipalities' licensing authority is limited to commercial and residential rentals with leases of less than 175 days. As a result, the Court agreed with apartment building owners and held that Hamilton Township's licensing ordinance requiring licenses for rental units leased for a term of longer than 175 days is "invalid as ultra vires and unenforceable."