NPD Partner Steve Nehmad Scores Major Victory for Wawa

NPD Partner Steve Nehmad recently won a hotly contested case on behalf of Wawa in New Jersey Superior Court against a business competitor seeking to prevent the development of a new Wawa food and fuel facility in South Toms River, Ocean County.

Governor Signs Bill Expanding Construction of “Renaissance Schools”

On Monday, October 6th, Governor Christie signed bill S2264 into law, which gives "renaissance schools" created under the 2012 Urban Hope Act — which are privately run and similar to charter schools — more time to apply to open, as well as the ability to open in "substantially" reconstructed facilities, as opposed to brand new ones.

Governor Christie Conditionally Vetoes Reinstatement of Non-Residential Development Fee Moratorium

On September 10, 2014, Governor Christie conditionally vetoed legislation (A1907/S1011) which would have extended the expired moratorium on the payment of non-residential affordable housing development fees in New Jersey. The effect of this conditional veto is that the development fee on new commercial and industrial development remains in effect and must be paid going forward.

NJDOT Proposes to Significantly Increase Fees

The NJDOT recently issued a rule proposal significantly increasing all application and permit fees by approximately 75% to 80%. These increased fees will affect all development along the NJ State Highway system – either private or public projects.