Complex Civil Business Litigation Program for NJ

Recognizing the increasing amount of complex business litigation in New Jersey, the New Jersey Courts have created a new program for resolution of complex business, commercial and construction cases where the alleged damages exceed $200,000. The Complex Business Litigation Program becomes effective on January 1, 2015 and hopes to streamline and expedite litigation in complex business matters. A single judge with experience in complex civil litigation will oversee the resolution of each commercial matter from beginning to end, thereby eliminating the confusion of matters being transferred mid-litigation. To read more about this exciting new program for commercial litigation, see the NJ Courts Statement at http://www.judiciary.state.nj.us/pressrel/2014/pr141113a.pdf. The attorneys at Nehmad Perillo and Davis are experienced in commercial civil litigation and are looking forward to assisting our clients through this new program.

Governor’s Advisory Commission Releases Report on Atlantic City Future

Governor Christie's Advisory Commission on Sports, Entertainment & Gaming has released its report update on the future of Atlantic City. Among the recommendations: more state education aid coupled with spending cuts; appointment of an Emergency Manager with expanded authority; establishing a non-profit development company - ACDevCo - modeled on New Brunswick's success; and extending the current Tourism District to all of Atlantic City.

Purchasers of Commercial Real Estate Must Investigate Whether Sellers Received Chapter 91 Request

Under a 2012 New Jersey Tax Court case, contract purchasers of commercial property are charged with investigating whether the sellers of the property received & responded to a Chapter 91 income and expense information request from the municipality in order for that contract purchaser to subsequently prosecute a tax appeal for the property. The contract purchaser's duty in this regard applies even if the purchaser intends to use the property as non-income producing (i.e. "owner occupied") property.

Fire Sprinkler Mandate Being Reconsidered for New Residential Construction

After being vetoed by Governor Christie last session, a new sprinkler mandate bill, A1698, was introduced and has been released by the State Assembly Housing & Community Development Committee. The bill, which requires fire suppression systems in all new single and two-family homes, now awaits full consideration by the Assembly.


U.S. businesses that need or want to employ foreign workers in occupations that require highly specialized knowledge in fields such as science, engineering and computer programming are eligible to use the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services H-1B program. The program accepts applications for a limited time and is now accepting applications from April 1 thought April 7, 2014 or earlier if the maximum number of applications per the Government’s 65,000 application cap are submitted before April 7th.